Kyle Armstrong



– Emerging Artist adjudicators

Kyle Armstrong believes our concept of the art potential of film is limited by what we see in theatres. His work, says Armstrong “…is outside the economic order…and I hope delves deeper into matters of the soul and spirit, creating a contemplative space rather than a commercial venture.”

Adjudicators call the result, “mesmerizing.”

Armstrong dyes, paints, bleaches, scratches and prints optically on film, some of it “found” or recycled. He is also pioneering his own digital optical printing technique. This involves photographing each frame with a macro lens, then altering levels and colours and exporting to digital. With more than 1,300 frames in each minute of footage, it’s a labour of love.

Armstrong’s works have been screened in galleries, live performances and traditional cinemas. He has worked with greats, like Guy Maddin on a number of projects. And in March of 2012, Armstrong captured IMAX footage of the aurora borealis in Churchill MB for his own film Magnetic Reconnection, to be scored by Jim O’Rourke (Sonic Youth, Wilco, Werner Herzog).

He instructs at MacEwan University, is president of the Metro Cinema Society and married with two young children.


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