Sherry Coffey


Sherry Coffey was born in Whitehorse, Yukon.

She has always been interested in writing, and while in the Yukon she participated in Nakai Theatre’s annual 24-hour Playwriting Event. She also submitted to CBC Yukon Radio’s short story competitions and won first place one year, and second place the next. Both stories were produced and broadcast on the radio.

In 2003, while living in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Coffey co-wrote “Burnt Offerings” with Ian LeTourneau, which won first prize in the Notable Acts Summer Theatre One-Act Play Contest in 2003. “Burnt Offerings” was produced and had two showings that summer.

She completed a BA in English from the University of Lethbridge in 1994, and an MA in English/Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick in 2004, where she finished the first draft of a novel manuscript, A Pattern of Walking as her thesis.

In 2006, a re-written excerpt of A Pattern of Walking was awarded the Writers Federation of New Brunswick’s Richards Prize for fiction. She has two poems published in the current issue of Room Magazine.

Coffey currently lives in Athabasca, Alberta with her 2-year-old son, Wyatt and her husband, Ian LeTourneau. She has been working at Athabasca University, Library Services as Repository Network & Content Specialist since January 2005.


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