Lauren Crazybull


The jury was impressed with the scope of Lauren Crazybull’s experience and her drive and curiosity as an artist.

– Emerging Artist adjudicators

Lauren Crazybull is a Blackfoot Dene artist living in Edmonton. Lauren’s most recent work has looked to explore the tension and power within portraiture by examining the subtle relationship between herself and the subjects she paints. By centering the gaze, beauty and rich humanity of fellow Indigenous people in her recent work, Lauren means to ask poignant questions about how Indigenous identities can be represented, experienced, celebrated and understood through the particular gaze that artistry casts and requires. 

In 2019, Lauren was selected as Alberta’s inaugural artist in residence and she was also long listed for the Kingston Portrait Prize.  

Recent solo exhibitions include TSIMA KOHTOTSITAPIIHPA at Latitude 53 and The Future all at Once at McMullen Gallery. Lauren’s work is multidisciplinary coming from a background of youth work, radio broadcasting and illustration. 


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