Brett Dahl Calgary Cultural Leader RBC Emerging Artist Award


Congratulations to 2018 Emerging Artist Brett Dahl on his Calgary Cultural Leader RBC Emerging Artist award announced April 1, 2020. Brett was acknowledged as a risk-oriented performer, emerging director, promising playwright, theatre educator and host of his own cabaret and an advocate for queer voices in Calgary.

Brett Dahl’s Lieutenant Governor of Alberta 2018 Emerging Artist award recognized him for presenting queer voices that engage with the community and for showing audiences the potential for depth, versatility and masculinity within the spectrum of queer work. The cash award and recognition propelled Brett’s dream of creating and performing his own work: “I was able to attend the National Voice Intensive in Toronto which was an in-depth masterclass that allowed me to re-connect to my voice as a performer. I then dedicated my time to finish writing my play Like Orpheus.” Like Orpheus premiered at Lethbridge’sTheatre Outré in 2019 followed by a remount at the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in Ireland. In Dublin, the work was nominated for several awards (including Brett Dahl for Outstanding Actor) and received an award for Outstanding Aspect of a Production for outstanding use of choreography, lighting, sound and direction.

Brett says “the recognition of this (2018 Emerging Artist ) award followed by premiering my show in Lethbridge/Dublin was the most rewarding and validating project of my career. As an actor who has battled discrimination for being gay and struggled to discover my voice and let my voice be heard – I feel I have a sense of ownership of my artistic practice and the confidence to share my voice proudly.” We’re thrilled to hear of Brett’s ongoing achievements and will continue to follow his progress, in Alberta and wherever else his vision and talent take him.

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